Joint Force Quarterly №81
01.06.2016, 17:19

Joint Force Quarterly

Joint Force Quarterly №81

Год / месяц: 2016/4-6
Номер: 81
Страниц: 164
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 5 MB

Joint Force Quarterly - Ежеквартальный Журнал Министерства обороны США

2 Executive Summary
4 Crafting and Managing Effects: The Evolution of the Profession of Arms
By James G. Stavridis, Ervin J.
Rokke, and Terry C. Pierce
10 Errors in Strategic Thinking:
Anti-Politics and the Macro Bias
By Celestino Perez, Jr.
19 Strategy 2.0: The Next Generation
By Margaret M. Polski
26 Rediscovering the Art of Strategic Thinking: Developing 21st-Century Strategic Leaders
By Daniel H. McCauley
34 Strategic Agility: Theory and Practice
By Charles H. Jacoby, Jr., with Ryan L. Shaw
JPME Today
43 Sustaining the “New Norm” of Jointness
By Case Cunningham, Patrick
Donahoe, Mike Jernigan, and Michael Riggins
48 The Future of Senior Service College Education: Heed the Clarion Call
By Charles D. Allen and Edward J. Filiberti
54 Officers Are Less Intelligent: What Does It Mean?
By Matthew F. Cancian
62 Fighting Ebola: An Interagency Collaboration Paradigm
By Ross F. Lightsey
70 Harnessing the Influence of Senior Enlisted Leaders
By Paul Kingsbury
76 Cheap Technology Will Challenge U.S.
Tactical Dominance
By T.X. Hammes
86 The Missing Lever: A Joint Military Advisory Command for Partner-Nation Engagement
By Kevin D. Stringer
92 Back to Basics on Hybrid Warfare in Europe: A Lesson from the Balkans
By Christopher J. Lamb and Susan Stipanovich
102 Economic Development in Counterinsurgency: Building a Stable Second Pillar
By Patrick H. Donley
112 Defense Entrepreneurship: How to Build Institutions for Innovation Inside the Military
By James Hasik
118 If We Fight Joint, Shouldn’t Our History Reflect That?
By David F. Winkler
Book Reviews
124 Counterinsurgency in Crisis Reviewed by F.G. Hoffman
125 Clausewitz
Reviewed by John T. Kuehn
126 Superforecasting
Reviewed by Michael J. Mazarr
Joint Doctrine
129 Interorganizational
Cooperation III of III: The Joint Force Perspective
By James C. McArthur, Cara Allison
Marshall, Dale Erickson, E. Paul
Flowers, Michael E. Franco, George
H. Hock, George E. Katsos, Luther
L. King, William E. Kirby, William M.
Mantiply, Michael E. McWilliams,
A. Christopher Munn, Jeffrey K.
Padilla, Elmer L. Roman, Raymond E.
Vanzwienen, and Jeffrey P. Wissel
140 Thoughts on Force Protection
By Richard E. Berkebile
148 Joint Doctrine Update

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