Joint Force Quarterly №89 2018
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Joint Force Quarterly

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Год / месяц: 2018/4-6
Номер: 89
Страниц: 144
Язык: Английский
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Joint Force Quarterly - Ежеквартальный Журнал Министерства обороны США

2 From the Chairman
4 Executive Summary
By William T. Eliason
6 Introducing Information as a Joint Function
By Alexus G. Grynkewich
8 Paradigm Change:
Operational Art and the Information Joint Function
By Scott K. Thomson and Christopher E. Paul
15 The Practical Implications of Information as a Joint Function
By Gregory C. Radabaugh
18 Globally Integrated Exercises: Optimizing Joint Force C2 Structure
By Stephen M. Gallotta, James A. Covington, and Timothy B. Lynch
24 Moore’s Law and the Challenge of Counter-sUAS Doctrine
By Mark D. Newell
28 Outmatched: Shortfalls in Countering Threat Networks
By David Richard Doran
Special Feature
34 An Interview with Joseph L. Votel
40 The By-With-Through Operational Approach
By Joseph L. Votel and Eero R. Keravuori
48 The By-With-Through Approach: An Army Command Perspective
By Michael X. Garrett, William H. Dunbar, Bryan C. Hilferty, and Robert R. Rodock
56 Fighting the Islamic State
By, With, and Through: How
Mattered as Much as What
By J. Patrick Work
63 Sacrifice, Ownership,
Legitimacy: Winning Wars
By, With, and Through Host-
Nation Security Forces
By John B. Richardson IV and John Q. Bolton
69 Laying the Foundation for a Strategic By-With-Through Approach
By Edward F. Dorman III and Christopher P. Townsend
76 Why Not a Joint Security Force Assistance Command?
By John Francis Jakubowski
80 A Holistic Approach to Problem-Solving
By Stephen F. Nowak
86 The Importance of Lessons Learned in Joint Force Development
By Gwendolyn R. DeFilippi, Stephen Francis Nowak, and Bradford Harlow Baylor
93 Climate Change and Urbanization: Challenges to Global Security and Stability
By Ronak B. Patel and David P. Palotty IV
99 Structuring Airpower to Win in 2030: Designing a Joint Division of Labor Between Land- and Sea-Based Combat Aviation
By Josh Wiitala and Alexander Wright
118 Continuing the Big Data Ethics Debate: Enabling Senior Leader Decisionmaking
By Paul B. Lester, Pedro S. Wolf, Christopher J. Nannini, Daniel C. Jensen, and Delores Johnson Davis
Book Reviews
114 Illusions of Victory
Reviewed by Conrad C. Crane
115 Anatomy of a Campaign
Reviewed by Williamson Murray
116 America’s First General Staff
Reviewed by Randy Papadopoulos
118 Preparing for Tomorrow’s
Fight: Joint Concepts and Future Readiness
By Andrew J. Loiselle
121 Exploring the Future Operating Environment
By Jeffrey J. Becker and John E. DeFoor
126 A New Approach to
Joint Concepts
By Erik Schwarz
130 The U.S. Government’s Approach to Environmental Security: Focus on Campaign Activities
By George E. Katsos
140 Joint Doctrine Update

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