Joint Force Quarterly №93
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Joint Force Quarterly

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Год / месяц: 2019/4-6
Номер: 93
Страниц: 120
Язык: Английский
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Joint Force Quarterly - Ежеквартальный Журнал Министерства обороны США

2 Executive Summary
6 “Untapped Resources” for Building Security from the Ground Up
By Viva Bartkus
14 Tactical Maneuver in the Cyber Domain: Dominating the Enemy
By Jennifer Leigh Phillips
21 From DOPMA to Google: Cyber as a Case Study in Talent Management
By David Blair, Jason Hughes, and Thomas Mashuda
JPME Today
32 Covert Action as an Intelligence
Subcomponent of the Information Instrument
By Charles Pasquale and Laura Johnson
38 Augmenting Bloom for Education in the
Cognitive Domain
By Douglas E. Waters and Craig R. Bullis
47 Warrior Women: 3,000  Years in the Fight
By Mary Raum
55 Military Medicine: The Gender Gap in Trauma Training
By Daniel P. McGarrah
60 The Acquisition and Cross
Servicing Agreement: An Old Tool for the Modern Military
By William M. Stephens
66 A Model for Tactical Readiness
Through Strategic Opportunity
By David A. Zelaya and Joshua Wiles
71 Unity of Command:
Authority and Responsibility over Military Justice
By Lindsay L. Rodman
79 U.S. Africa Command and Its Changing Strategic Environment
By William Robert Hawkins and Brenda Jeannette Ponsford
87 Enhancing Unit Readiness on the Southwest Border
By Cindie Blair, Juliana T. Bruns, and Scott D. Leuthner
93 Gallipoli: Lessons from the Great War on the Projection of Power and Joint Forcible Entry
By Patrick William Naughton
Book Reviews
100 The Cold War and The Cold
War’s Killing Fields
Reviewed by Walter M. Hudson
102 Limiting Risk in America’s Wars
Reviewed by Tom Greenwood
Joint Doctrine
104 The Insufficiency of U.S. Irregular Warfare Doctrine
By John A. Pelleriti, Michael Maloney, David C. Cox, Heather J. Sullivan, J. Eric Piskura, and Montigo J. Hawkins
111 Fire for Effect: The Evolution of Joint Fires
By J. Mark Berwanger

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