Joint Force Quarterly №96 (2020)
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Joint Force Quarterly

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Год / месяц: 2020/1-3
Номер: 96
Страниц: 136
Язык: Английский
Формат: PDF - 4 MB

Joint Force Quarterly - Ежеквартальный Журнал Министерства обороны США

2 Letter to the Editor
4 Executive Summary
6 The Intellectual Edge: A Competitive Advantage for Future War and Strategic Competition
By Mick Ryan
12 Reconceiving Modern Warfare: A Unified Model
By KC Reid
22 Adapting for Victory: DOD Laboratories for the 21st Century
By William T. Cooley, David J. Hahn, and John A. George
29 Beyond Auftragstaktik: The Case Against Hyper-Decentralized Command
By Trent J. Lythgoe
JPME Today
37 Asking Strategic Questions: A Primer for National Security Professionals
By Andrew Hill and Stephen J. Gerras
42 Clausewitz’s Wondrous
Yet Paradoxical Trinity: The Nature of War as a Complex Adaptive System
By Brian Cole
50 A Blue-Collar Approach to Operational Analysis: A Special Operations Case Study
By Steven J. Hendrickson and Riley Post
58 The Bering Strait: An Arena for Great Power Competition
By Ryan Tice
64 Peacemakers: Chaplains as Vital Links in the Peace Chain
By David R. Leonard
74 Adapting to Disruption: Aerial Combat over North Vietnam
By Robert G. Angevine
84 The Revival of Al Qaeda
By Jami T. Forbes
90 Frustrated Cargo: The U.S. Army’s Limitations in Projecting Force from Ship to Shore in an A2/AD Environment
By Brian Molloy
96 Attaining Maritime Superiority in an A2/AD Era: Lessons from the Battle of the Bismarck Sea
By Ben Ho
Book Reviews
105 Small Arms
Reviewed by Kira I. McFadden
106 Japan Rearmed
Reviewed by Nathaniel L. Moir
107 White House Warriors
Reviewed by Edward G. Salo
Joint Doctrine
109 Failed Megacities and the Joint Force
By Matthew N. Metzel, Todd J. McCubbin, Heidi B. Fouty, Ken G. Morris, John J. Gutierrez, and John Lorenzen
115 Harnessing Artificial
Intelligence and Autonomous
Systems Across the Seven Joint Functions
By Brian David Ray, Jeanne F. Forgey, and Benjamin N. Mathias
129 The Future of Interagency Doctrine
By George E. Katsos
132 Joint Doctrine Update

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